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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Row Game With Proportions

Thanks to Kate Nowak, who has created numerous row games. Using her template, I created my own row game for proportions:

The beauty of this activity is it's difficult for one partner to do all of the work, so accountability is built in. It's also easier for students to act as teachers because they can share their process for solving without actually doing their partner's problem for them. Students remained engaged and got immediate feedback on their answers since their partner was supposed to reach the same conclusion. If answers disagreed, it meant the hunt was on for who made the mistake.

Also, I had to admit I made a mistake on row 4, which is always fun for my students. I changed Column B to 63/7 = 81/y. Problem solved.

This task was designed as a refresher to set my students up for some Three-Act Math problems, including the Super Bear problem, which are the result of Dan Meyer's fine work.

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