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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Organizing Blogs

This post is short and sweet.  If you are trying to follow multiple blogs and struggling to keep up or organize posts you like, check out the Feedly app. Any time somebody you follow adds a new post, Feedly will put it on your homepage so you never miss out.  You can also organize and share posts in a way that is useful to you.  Give it a try!

Joining the SBG Cult

For the past two years I have used a traditional grading system and wondered why grades did not motivate many students.  Once I was exposed to standards-based grading (SBG), the answer seemed so obvious.  There is no incentive to master skills in a traditional grading system when there is no opportunity for redemption and teachers' grade books only make sense to the individual teachers.  To motivate students by showing them what they are great at and where they can improve with constant opportunities to demonstrate mastery, I hope to reinvest students in their education. I will also incorporate Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks to show students how beautiful math can be in order to challenge their assumptions that math is simply rote memorization and you are good at it or you aren't.  Check out Dan's Blog, Dy/dan to the right and the link to his math tasks for some great lesson ideas.

Back to SBG, this is a big shout out to Sam Shah (Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere) for his virtual filing cabinet. This cabinet contains countless resources for engaging math instruction in addition to general classroom resources.  Specifically, his link to the SBG Beginners wiki has been helpful as I think about the implementation of SBG into my own classroom.

Entering the Blogosphere

As I enter the blogging world, I first have to say thank you to the MTBOS community. The blogs to the right have inspired me as a teacher and have finally inspired me to start blogging. Before creating a blog of my own, I first had to reflect upon why I wanted to write one in the first place.  The best answer I came up with is to have a record of what I have been doing as a teacher, receive feedback from a talented community, and hopefully someday inspire teachers just as the teachers I follow have inspired me. I do not claim to be a talented writer, but maybe other teachers will appreciate my humor or contributions to bettering education for all students. Here is to the beginning of a new chapter in my teaching career!